2023 Election: PDP Chieftain calls for Credible Candidate, Faults Zoning

Ahead of the 3023 general elections, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Kenneth Imansuagbon, has said Nigeria is in an emergency situation and needs a competent leader who can save her and not zoning.

The party chieftain who spoke yesterday stressed that the country needs a candidate with intellect and exposure. He blasted people seeking presidential zoning to the south, saying they do not love the country.

He advised the PDP  to give a level playing ground to all aspirants to contest for the party’s ticket, which will give way to what he described as “the popular and most acceptable candidate emerges.” 

According to him, “The country’s state is chaotic and troubling. We should not be contemplating zoning now.

“We should be thinking of who is the man that can do the job for the Almajiri in the streets, the farmers, secure the nation, and help the economy to grow. The person who can fix our roads, make our schools work, and give value to us as Nigerians.

“I feel troubled when people talk about zoning because we are in emergency times, and it demands emergency solutions. Look at our hospital. I almost died of malaria because the drug I got was fake.

“If we are talking about zoning, it is not the turn of the south. If it is PDP, the ticket should go to the north. Jonathan did six years, Obasanjo did eight years, Yar’Adua did two years, and Buhari completed eight years. These are not times for testing the waters.

“With northern presidential candidate, we can secure victory and rescue our country. Fairness and equity demand that if the south has done 14 out of 16 years, the north should be the next in line to the presidency.”

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