2023: NNPP Debunks Merger Rumors

Rumours of a merger between the New Nigeria Peoples Party and either the All Progressives Congress or the Peoples Democratic Party have been refuted by the NNPP.

The Presidential running mate of the NNPP, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa, stated this while speaking on Channels Television. He noted that the two major parties are “The two horses and already tired.

“They’re only looking for oxygen. We are the main deal. It’s like a marathon. Mark my words, NNPP is rising and climbing.

“We are not about a merger, merger time is over. People are already insinuating that there will be a runoff election.

“In two or three weeks, by the time we deploy the movement of grassroots coming together, based on what we will sincerely do, I am not sure there will be a runoff because we will be an outright winner.

“So those envisaging a runoff would be shocked.”

The vice presidential running mate urged other political parties to engage in issue-based campaigns. He said, “Stick to your manifesto with an issue-based campaign.

“Despite the fact that they have signed the peace accord, you find people attacking convoys, throwing stones at rallies, let’s ensure that peace is galvanised during the process.”

Speaking on saw faith ticket, Idahosa said: “We must get to a point where we don’t mind your religion or ethnicity. Our concern is to be able to see what input you are bringing to the table.

“What we have in our manifesto is what CAN will think towards. Once we go beyond religion, the country will be better for it.

“Look for what we have got to offer, especially with my principal, with what he achieved as former governor of Kano state, he was minister of defence. He was governor, all these things call to bear not about taking him for a Christian or a Bishop. I have seen people who love to see me emerge from the North and all and sundry.”

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