2023 Presidency: Tinubu Seeks Support from Gombe Delegates

Ahead of the All Progressives Congress (APC) party primaries, a presidential hopeful, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has appealed to party delegates in Gombe to choose him as the party’s presidential candidate.

He made the call Tuesday in Gombe, stating that he is the best candidate for the job. He stressed that he has plans to redevelop and change the country.

The former senator and governor of Lagos state noted that if the best method is applied to security and other developmental challenges in the country, success would be recorded.

According to him, “to solve a problem, you must go to the root cause; that is what I did in Lagos. You cannot do the job of today with yesterday’s forgotten attitude, and we must develop new methods to redevelop our country.”

“We have a great opportunity to change Nigeria, and I guarantee you that we will change Nigeria. The change that made Lagos the richest state in Africa is just beginning,” Tinubu said as he argued that Nigeria has no reason to be seen as a help-seeking country.

Tinubu further stated that if the country invests rightly in agriculture, It will be able to produce the needed food in the country and still export twice a year. 

“We have dams, and we are yet to dredge them and bring irrigation systems to the farmland to farm and grow our food. We have not even attempted it; why not,” he said.

“We have so many dams and so many abandoned projects, we should move away from seeking help to helping ourselves, we should help ourselves and liberate ourselves from hunger and poverty,” Tinubu added while stating that to develop and make the agricultural sector more lucrative the country needs the formation of a commodity exchange mechanism.

“Commodity exchange is to guarantee to the farmers that there is a market for all the produce that is coming. It will guarantee the prices of beans, corn and other commodities produced and establish a storage facility to stop waste. In the days of Awolowo, they had a marketing board, so you change it now to the commodity exchange and improve on it,” Tinubu said.

“I will submit my form to rest my mind and say at least you have gotten my application, and I guarantee you that Nigeria will change. We will conquer banditry.

“Banditry and Boko haram are because we are not employing the best method, so I beg you at the coming delegates’ election to choose the president to choose wisely, choose me,” Tinubu assured the delegates that the Gas sector is one area he would also develop to drive gains for the economy.

“By now, we should be making great money from Gas if we had planned it, Russia is threatening Europe, and we are not the alternative market,” he said.

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