2023: Saraki to Tackle Insecurity

Bukola Saraki, the former Senate President, has promised to remove Nigeria’s current condition of insecurity if elected President in 2023.

Saraki, a presidential aspirant of the Peoples Democratic Party, with the campaign theme #FixNigeria, stated this while responding to questions from journalists shortly after meeting with delegates and other PDP stakeholders in Kebbi State.

He stated that addressing insecurity is a top priority because no significant growth can occur without peace and stability.

Saraki stated that he is the most experienced among all his party’s aspirations owing to the various positions of responsibility he has held in the past.

He also promised to tackle poverty by creating jobs and encouraging Nigerians to embrace agriculture, which he believes is critical to the country’s economic recovery.

Meanwhile, Saraki had unveiled a policy document for his first four years in office over the weekend.

The 53-page detailed plan titled “My Social Contract with Nigerians” focuses on the five pillars of growth. Economy, the Rule of Law, Fiscal Federalism, Security and National Planning.

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