2023: TNG Calls for Youth Support Leader

The Nigerian Group, TNG, has called on the youth in the country to reject any Presidential candidate that will call them lazy youths after using them for election.

The group stated this Sunday, in an open letter to Youth of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. They stressed that the country needs a leader like  Bukola Saraki, the former president of the Senate, who would guarantee inclusion and productivity to help them harness their full potential.

The Director of Advocacy, Gbenga Alexander Obisesan, who spoke on behalf of the group, said no Nigerian political leader alive in or out of office has defended and supported the cause of Nigerian youth like  Saraki.

Parts of the letter read, “Fellow compatriots and young leaders in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the time has come for you to make a conscious and deliberate effort about what you want for yourself and the future of Nigeria. It is time to be resolute and extract a pact for a secured future with the next Nigerian President.

“But, to get a good deal for the youths in the PDP and the country, which will be honoured and faithfully implemented, you must use your political instinct and knowledge to partner with a leader who can keep his side of the bargain. To identify such a rare leader, only his record of partnering and working with the youth must count.

“The mistake of 2015 when some young Nigerians dressed a President in a youth-friendly garb, but a few years later turned around to call them lazy youths, must never be repeated. The youth bulge in Nigeria deserves greater attention from a new President, and it must be positively utilised to this largest and most important demograph and develop the country.

“The time for Nigeria to partner with the youth to grow critical sectors and embark on technological revolution is now. At a time that crimes and insecurity are threatening all of us, the potential and abundant talent inherent in the youth must be utilised to save and secure Nigeria.

“But we must tell ourselves that the fulfilment of our dreams will remain a mirage if we do not have a President who can work with the youth to get things done. And we must also admit that the leadership wisdom and skills to solve the problems of a nation are possessed by only a few.

“We urge the youth of the PDP and Nigeria at large to search out Sen. Bukola Saraki, the former President of the Nigerian Senate and assess his youth partnership pedigree. Dr Bukola Saraki is a leader that the youth of the PDP and Nigeria can faithfully partner with to guarantee inclusion and productivity.”

The group stated further, “You can trust Saraki to keep his side of the bargain. Records have shown that more than 65 per cent of his aides in and out of office are usually young people. And a standard, you will always see The Nigerian composition of his team because he is a leader who sees diversity as automatic.

“Let us study Sarki’s youth engagement, his support for social justice like #EndSARS, his Grow Nigeria initiative to unlock Nigeria’s vast potential in the critical sector. We make bold to say that no Nigerian political leader alive in or out of office has defended and supported the cause of Nigerian youth like Dr. Bukola Saraki.

“As we approach party primaries and elections, PDP youths must make it abundantly clear to delegates and stakeholders that Saraki is the choice of Nigerian youth. The Youth Can do it.”

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