2027: We’re the Party to Beat – PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of Abia State has stated that it has learned from the mistakes that led to its defeat in the state’s general elections in 2023.

Briefing journalists at the new PDP secretariat, Ogurube layout, Umuahia, following a stakeholders meeting attended by 850 delegates from the 17 council areas, the party’s Vice Chairman/Acting State Publicity Secretary, Elder Amah Abraham, explained that the PDP has reviewed the 2023 elections and identified areas where it made mistakes.

He stated that given what the PDP has learned since the 2023 elections, it will become better and stronger. Amah predicted that by 2027, the PDP will be the party to beat since it is still powerful and will get stronger with the expected entrance of top political juggernauts into the state, as well as having learned from its failures.

Giving comprehensive reasons why the PDP failed in the 2023 Abia election, Amah stated that the party allowed its welfare agenda to obscure its vision, became overburdened, and harmed the welfare of workers in the state. He went on to say that the party was reluctant to hold some of its members who had been assigned to lead some of the state’s parastatals accountable for abusing administrative inputs, which eventually led to serious problems in the majority of the parastatals.

He said, “We did an assessment after the last general elections, we actually discovered why we lost the election end we took responsibilities and we’ve apologized.

“We lost because we were carried away by our welfarist government where we were paying up to seven, nine and twelve thousand youths every month in the name of empowerment and we couldn’t manage our pension well which is why we left a backlog of 45 months of pension arrears.

“This is not politics. Go ask the chairman of Abia pensioners. Ikpeazu was in government for 96 months, and he paid pension for 51 months and did not pay pension for 45 months. Mind you, he inherited some backlogs of pension arrears which he also paid off.

“What he left is 45 months arrears which the present government later translated to nine or ten years outstanding, which they later paid nine months and claimed they’ve cancelled the rest.

“We’ve told ourselves the truth, we’ve analysed our mistakes and we discovered that we were busy with our welfarist agenda and we were clouded with what we were doing.

“Now, if a government can pay 12 thousand youths as Special Assistants, Special Advisers etc, if we had cut down 40% of that, we would have been able to use them to manage some of these 45 months and still have change.

“Even some pensioners were captured as Special, Assistants. Some of them were captured as Special Advisers and Senior Special Advisers., They were still being paid under our welfarist arrangements but that payment wasn’t their, rightful pensions.

“We paid our salaries up to date for what we, called and will continue to call them core ministries because even till today, the present, administration is still owing Abia State Polytechnic, College of Education, Arochukwu, and other MDAs.

“So, we were living up to, date and had issues with, some of the parastatals. ,We were, reluctant in holding some persons, accountable.

“We had a situation where we appointed people to, head some of these parastatals and on their, own ,they started employing people without recourse to even the Governor, State Assembly, the Planning, Commission and the office of the accountant general.

“What you will now see is that an institution that usually submit a wage, bill of N30 million will suddenly start submitting N51 million. It’s an experience we had, and we’ve been able to discover some of them as our pitfalls and we’re proud to say that we’ve, learnt from our mistakes.

“We’re learning from the, numerous mistakes we made and we’re committed to ensure that in days, weeks and, months that those mistakes are will not be repeated. We cannot continue to shy away, from these mistakes.

“If you say that you’re sorry, you must tell the, world why you’re sorry. Tomorrow, if we want to conduct a welfarist government, we will not allow it to go to the extent of becoming a threat to the welfare of workers.”

“I said we’re the party to beat because soon, I’ll be releasing a special statement about the analysis the state working committee has done concerning this administration in Abia State and that statement is all encompassing. By the time you go through that statement, you’ll know we have a lot of hope.

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