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Nigerians Slams Toke Makinwa For Being One-Sided In Her Post While Responding To Reno Omokri.

After the little drama that went down between Reno Omokri and Toke Makinwa on Twitter over reno’s tweet about beauty and women, which toke didn’t find funny as she attacked him immediately.

Well, most persons didn’t take toke’s response lightly, as they came for her for blasting Reno Omokri, whom some person say was just stating the right as that is what is happening currently in the country, Some blasted her calling her a very bad and ugly example to young ladies.

Others also pointed out the fact that Toke didn’t get the point Reno was trying to make, as she only focused on the divorcee which Reno mentioned in his tweet, which he never even stressed on.

Meanwhile, most persons are taking the side of toke as they agree with her on what she has said, that the pressure on women to be perfect moral examples to the society is too much, and that no woman should be unhappy in her marriage.

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