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“A Fan bypassed my Security and Came to Knock on My Door”- Bella Shmurda reveals

Bella Shmurda, narrated on NotjustOK’s fan affairs, how some fans boycotted his estate security and came to knock on his door simply because they wanted pictures with him.

Bella Shmurda, also known as the Dangbana Orisa, first revealed how the ‘President of Dangbana Republik” thing started.

“I had this song, Dangbana Orisa, when I released it, the love was massive. Everybody was loving it, that’s when I knew I really had people behind me. I felt blessed and graced cause not everyone has that opportunity. For me to be here, doing mad things and people loving it, I feel blessed”, he revealed. He further stated that there’s no trademark to prove that one is a Republikan because anyon can be a Republikan.

He further revealed the craziest and most memorable thing a fan has done just to get his attention. 

“What is the craziest or most memorable thing a fan has ever done to get your attention” he was asked. “A fan had to come and knock on my door”, Shmurda replied.

“On your house door?”the host asked for clarity and Bella replied, “Yes, my house door gan gan gan gan, that they want to take pictures, men it was crazy. I don’t know how they escaped all the security at my estate that they had to come and knock at my door, it was crazy. But I had to do it for them, I had to take pictures and all of that so shout out to all of them”.

“They were 5 people actually– 2 guys, 3 girls. But I could handle it, it’s just to share love, try to be friendly enough. My guys were around so we could take their pictures and enjoy ourselves. I think this was after Cash App when Hallelu was hot. They were like ‘Yoo, we’ve been looking for you, we must take pictures. They say na your house be dis, this-that”, he continued.

Bella disclosed that aside Nigeria, he has more fans in “Ghana, Kenya, in South Africa. Ukraine too, cause when I went to perform there, it was like a concert and it was crazy”. He however revealed that amidst having a ton of fans, he has always cherished Olamide Badoo and being around him always leaves him starstruck because he’s a king.

News link: https://notjustok.com/article/interviews/fan-affairs/fan-affairs-with-bella-shmurda/

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