Accord Presidential Hopeful Meets Obasanjo, Seeks Counsel

Professor Christoper Imumolen, a presidential candidate for the Accord Party, has revealed what he discussed with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo in Abeokuta, the capital of the Ogun state.

It was reported that Imumolen had visited Obasanjo in a meeting believed to be a consolidation visit considering which is not his first visit.

During the visit, the presidential hopeful was seen at some point on his knees, with head bowed, hands holding that of Baba.

Professor Imumolen, who had previously visited important stakeholders and elder statesmen, did not simply depart from Obasanjo without demonstrating to him and other well-meaning Nigerians their appreciation for the labours of the founding heroes of Nigeria, both living and dead. As a result, he gave Obasanjo a plaque bearing the inscription “the labours of our heroes past – shall never be in vain.”

Speaking on his visit to OBJ, Prof Imumolen said,” It is good to get prayers and counsel from leadership icons like Obasanjo whose vast experience through direct leadership encounters and experimentations can never be gainsaid.

“There is no limit to such blessing, prayers and nurture for me as I am set to use such map as a measure and energy to rewrite the leadership narrative of our dear nation and redefine the economic fortune of the Nigerian people with the sole aim of placing Nigeria in the comity of prosperous nations.

“Our presentation of the plaque is a mark of utmost appreciation for their great leadership sacrifices through time. I am consulting vehemently preparatory to spearheading a new leadership in Nigeria as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from 2023, knowing that the road is rough and that Nigeria’s Presidency is not for the lily liver.

“I represent the long-anticipated better future, the collective ambition and expectation of the youth and the long dreamt paradigm shift, and therefore plead for the support of Nigerians come 2023 towards the realisation of an ‘All for All’ government for true national integration and development.”

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