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Actor And Musician, King Zealot Arrested and Paraded as ESN Operative

A Nigerian actor, identified as King Zealot has been arrested and paraded as a member of the Indigenous People of Biafra’s Eastern Security Network.

Friends of the actor took to Facebook to cry out for help on his behalf. According to them, the young man graduated from Imo State University. They also revealed him to be an actor and musician, not a member of ESN, as he is being paraded to be.

Opining on the unfortunate incident, it was alleged that security operatives are fond of arresting youths in the South-east and labeling them ESN members.

His friend wrote

Ok, there are two pictures below, my case is for the young man wearing the singlet or armless top…

From what I got, he was arrested alongside the other people and tagged esn members. This young man is King Zealot and he is an actor and a music artist, based in owerri. I got to know him through my good friend Donald Ihem’s and I can clearly say he is in no way a thief or ESN member. This is cheap blackmail. He graduated from imsu last year and we have been in touch. This isn’t a good thing to just arrest people and tag them what u like… Please give zealot an unconditional release… Please let’s share and save this happy soul.

Reacting, a Nairaland user Zonefree responded:

“What Nigerian police is doing in Imo state now is, they will arrest random innocent civilians, present awka-made guns and tag them ESN/Unknown Gunmen.

Check the table there and ask yourself, how can ESN members carry such pipes there as guns? Does it even make sense? Even ITJs and JVCs don’t roll with such tools and talk more of ESN.

I got a WhatsApp memo earlier this week from friends telling every youth in Owerri to stay indoors once it’s 8 pm, that Nigerian police will arrest random youths and tag ESN members…it’s happening already. The world needs to know the atrocities Nigerian police and Army are committing in Imo State.”

See one of the movies Zealot starred in:

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