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Actor, Somadina in shock, Reacts to the photoshopped replacement of his body

Nollywood actor, Adinma Somadina has expressed shock after he came across a photo-shopped replacement of his body with the head of a total stranger. 

The actor took to Instagram to share two pictures. One of himself and another of a young man. The pictures seemed similar but with a different face and complexion. Somadina narrated that the young man photoshopped his face off his birthday picture and had to put his (the stranger), likewise change his complexion to match with his face. The extent people go just to fit in. 

Here’s what he wrote;

“Things dey happen for this country,person photoshop myhead comot for my birthday picture put em own take do em own birthday picture…wahala too much for the country”

See photo evidence:

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