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Actor Yomi Fabiyi accused of making a movie about Baba Ijesha’s Case, using the real names of those involved

Actor Yomi Fabiyi has been under the heat for allegedly making a movie about Baba Ijesha’s case, likewise the real name of the individuals involved in the entire Saga.

Fabiyi’s new movie, titled ‘Oko Iyabo’ (Iyabo’s husband), depicted Baba Ijesha’s case, in which Fabiyi made it look like the said minor was actually having an affair with Baba Ijesha, inst and of being molested, as is the real case.

Yomi Fabiyi actually took sides with Baba Ijesha during the case and has released the movie a few days after Baba Ijesha was released on bail.

Reacting to the movie, Nigerians on social media have slammed Yomi Fabiyi for creating such a movie and for using the names ‘Princess’ and ‘Iyabo’ to depict the real-life situation.

A Twitter user tweeted, “Yomi Fabiyi is bastard!!! He actually did a movie about the whole Princess stuff and painted the Sto y like the 14year old girl was having a thing with Baba Ijesha. I can’t believe this!!! He titled the movie “Oko Iyabo” and actually used their names”.

@DrOlufunmilayo, wrote, “An underaged girl was allegedly raped in the past by a Yoruba actor. There’s a video proving further attempts by the same man. Yomi Fabiyi makes a movie mocking the child, her mom Princess and Iyabo Ojo the whistleblower. This is a complete utter shame to the entire Yoruba movie industry.”

Yomi Fabiyi is an animal and should be treated as such. Since the day I saw him supporting that Baba Ijesha saga, I get disgusted anytime I see either him or Baba Ijesha in any Yoruba movie. What is that stupid movie?” @kankross asked.

Another tweeted, “A little girl was molested and one Yomi Fabiyi think it’s time to cash out with the story and then he went ahead to do a movie about it and named it ‘Oko Iyabo’. He knew some Nigerians are extremely foolish to applaud him and watch the movie and he banked on that. Shameful.”

Following the numerous critics, Yomi Fabiyi turned off his Instagram comment section as he could not handle the heat from Netizens.

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