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Actress Ada Karl calls out Tonto Dikeh for N8m debt

Tonto Dikeh has landed in yet another controversy, this time with her colleague, Ada Karl who has threatened that Tonto’s name will never leave her mouth until she clears the eight million naira debt she owes her.

Ada Karl, a popular Nigerian filmmaker took to Instagram to remind the actress of how she helped her attain greater heights and she paid her back by ghosting her.

She said Tonto owes her shoes, clothes and gold that she bought from her and that then, the money was N80k but in today’s money it’s equivalent to N8m.

“Tonto you dey buy diamonds for man but you have no conscience to pay what you owe me since over 15 years ago. I am not even talking about the millions I pumped into your career after I brought you into Nollywood and gave you your first ever movie role & sponsored you with my last sweat till you had your breakthrough and vanished from my life. (What a user. I should have signed contract). I am talking about money you owe me from shoes, clothes and gold that you bought from me. That money was N80k, in today’s money its equivalent to N8m, anyway I see you for road, I must collect my money. I know say you get single bone but we dai dia. …Ada Karl”, she wrote.

“Tonto Dikeh, pls pay me my N8m & I take your name off my mouth.Till then, I will keep my mouth where my money is.

Last time, you said I am bitter, yes I am, I want my money.For all my investment into your career, I leave that for God to judge you.I know say you get mouth & will give an epic reply but glad the world has figured out your true colour cos all the “online friends” tagged me the evil one when I last asked you for my money.Your fans? Very relentless but I don’t care.Madam owe owe! You owe every of your ex-friends.

Signed: Ada Karl”.

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