Actress Chika Ike Exposed for having a Romantic Relationship with Gov. Okezie Ikpeazu

Governor Ikpeazu has been accused of channeling Abia resources in-between the legs of Nollywood actress, Chika Ike and the ex-wife of the former governor of Enugu State, Clara Chime.

A Journalist and former Presidential aide, Jackson Ude, made the allegations after Chika Ike acquired a brand new Range Rover Autobiography worth millions of naira.

Chika didn’t share any news of the car on Instagram but her colleague, Mary Uranta, who saw the ride couldn’t help but share the news.

On his Twitter page, Jackson Ude accused Governor Ikpeazu of channeling the State’s resources in-between the legs of Chika whom he bought a Range Rover SUV and Clara Chime, whom he secures juicy contracts for.

Ude wrote, “While Governor Okezie Ikpeazu won’t pay salaries, won’t fix the dilapidated conditions of Abia state, he would instead invest state resources in-between the legs of Nollywood Actress Chika Ike whom he recently bought a brand new Range Rover and Clara, former wife of Enugu Gov.

Ikpeazu has been in a relationship with the two women at the same time, dolling out cash gifts to them through one Okechukwu Irokwe, of UBA Bank, Umuahia. While Ms Ike enjoys frequent cash flows, Clara gets juicy contracts through proxies. She met Ikpeazu while with Sullivan.

If you want to defend the romantic relationship between Gov Ikpeazu, Ms Clara Chime, former wife of Enugu Gov and Chika Ike, please come correct. Otherwise, I would serve the WhatsApp messages of the threesomes hot on this street. Income correct and prepared!”

Below are some reactions on Twitter triggered by the post:

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