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Actress Chioma Ifemeludike tackles Destiny Etiko over statement on sexual harassment

Actress Destiny Etiko made an opinion post, stating that succumbing to sexual harassment in the Nollywood industry is a matter of choice.

Destiny in an interview with Vanguard, maintained that amidst people’s claims on sex for roles, that she has never experienced being sexually harassed for a movie role.

She affirmed that indeed there is sexual harassment in the industry but the final decision belongs to the actress in question.

“Sexual harassment is everywhere, not just in Nollywood and I won’t lie to you that I’ve never experienced it, because I have.

There are people who would want to deprive you of the role given to you because you didn’t sleep with them.Some will even sleep with you and still not give you the role.

So, it is left for you to know yourself and know your job.

If you can act well, your blessing will locate you”, Destiny Opined.

This didnt sit well with her colleague, Actress Chioma Ifemeludike, who was forced to tackle and publicily caution her in a different post.

Ifemeludike accused her Destiny of downplaying the act of sexual harassment of young girls in Nollywood.

She cautioned Etiko against making general assumptions ‘she knows nothing about’ but rather personalise her opinion as her choice.

Ifemeludike wrote;

“If at anytime in your career journey you accepted sexual harassment as a choice that doesn’t mean you’ll shove it down the throat of society, pls as a public figure we better be careful what we encourage.

Destiny Etiko, please don’t down play the act of sexually harassing young girls intercepting our struggle with these perverts and exonerating their evil act, you could say it’s personal opinion but in this context I think it’s better to personalise it as “your” choice. I understand how something we need to sound political to remain in the job that pays but let’s be clear that karma is a bitch, she may visit our daughters in future. We shouldn’t get into conversations we ain’t ready to be absolutely truthful about. Let us call a spade a spade so our society can progress and we may not need to beg money on Instagram…Imagine stopping someone on their way to their destiny-nation just because you got their before them or have an upper hand then you try to take advantage of them? That’s evil”.

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