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Actress Chizoba Nwokoye’s PA makes away with all her money, valuables, and her Monetized YouTube Account

Actress Chizoba Nwokoye has taken to social media to cry out after her P.A identified as Success Bright, allegedly fled with all the money in her bank account, alongside other valuables.

In a video that surfaced on social media, the movie star explained how her PA stole her car key, her phones, and her ATM cards and then emptied her account. 

She disclosed that they were together on a movie set when Success went away with her phone, her car key, and her ATM cards. The film star explained that he was also aware of her PIN because she used to send him on errands with it. 

Amid tears, Nwokoye said that the PA withdrew all the money in her account with different POS machines, leaving behind just N55. 

The actress added that Success took things a step further by logging her out of her monetized YouTube channel and changing the details to his own. Nwokoye explained that she had suffered to build the channel to where it was.

The actress however beckoned on Nigerians to apprehend Success wherever he is seen. 

While sympathizing with her, her colleague, Chioma Nwaoha wrote;


This is Evil and heartbreaking please anyone with this boy information should Dm @chizoba_nwokoye

The thief’s Instagram handle is @successful7344″.

Chrisduruphotography wrote: “Dam*n I hope and pray someone finds this boy and locks him up forever.” 

Florishohabuike: “No one to trust nowadays.” 

Billionaireafrica: “How people decide to take another man’s sweat is still difficult to understand.” 

Drew_ezemarcel: “Never trust anyone with your valuables. When I said valuables it includes your life and all that gives meaning to your life, never entrust it to anyone.”

Tinywale: “Very sad! But as I Dey now, if person thief my ATM card, if him check Acct balance , him fit even put 2k for me self , cos man is down .” 

Paschal_ose: “I don’t think I can ever trust anyone to give them my ATM pin. Then never born that person sha.” 

Bdswearsng: “If you had done due diligence on him and told him to get two guarantors with landed properties before employment. All this mess wouldn’t have happened. Hope he gets caught.” 

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