Actress Cindy Okafor Reveals how her Fiancé caught her Cheating

Nigerian actress, Cindy Nkeiru Okafor in a social media post, revealed how she was caught cheating on her fiancé.

In an Instagram post, she said she thought they said women cheat but are rarely caught. She revealed that it was not the same in her own case. She shared her experience of how she went on a mere dinner date and got caught by her fiancé whom she described as “aggressively vigilant”.

Cindy’s post reads;

“Thought they said women cheat most but never get caught. I just manage go on small dinner date, kpam was caught. That saying actually depends on who u are with oo, some men are aggressively vigilant.”

Here’s how Netizens are reacting to her experience:

kween_vhiky – Yes some men are aggressively vigilante, b4 you think of doing something they already know your moves or plan.

officialhappinessbernard – They investigate more than EFCC self

jane_dominic1 – Wetin be this one na

ah_dah.eze – And na video call you go see straight

kish_vic – Omo u lie.. u weren’t careful dat why he caught u

iama_duchess – If ur mind fit carry go dinner date meaning u never reach last bus stop yet carry on sis. No go use boyfriend do husband material come go miss dinner date with the real husband

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