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Actress Crystal Okoye cries out after her colleague Chizzy Alichi allegedly kicked her out of her job

Actress Crystal Okoye has called out her colleague, Chizzy Alichi for allegedly kicking her out of a proposed job because she didn’t post a birthday shout out for her.

Crystal shared a video on Instagram with the caption,  “You have taken food out of my mouth today but you are not my God! Nobody knows Tomorrow!

Crystal narrated her ordeal with her colleague, Chizzy Alichi. She said she had made her hair and was fully prepared for a village movie she was to star in only for her to appear on set and Chizzy had already told those in charge that Crystal can’t be on the same set with her.

Crystal said the reason Chizzy kicked her out of the set was simply that she didn’t post a birthday shout-out to her on her birthday. Crystal said she has always celebrated Chizzy, from her birthday down to when she got married. She said she actually left Asaba down to Ebonyi state simply to celebrate Chizzy’s union and somehow because she did not post her this year, Chizzy took it upon herself to rip her of her job opportunity. Crystal said Chizzy’s birthday is two to three days before hers and because she didn’t celebrate her, Chizzy decided to do the same, likewise unfollow her on Instagram.

The actress cried out saying that she lost this job, all thanks to Chizzy who decided to play God, knowing that tomorrow is unpredictable. She pinpointed that if Chizzy’s superiors had treated her the same way, she won’t have gotten to where she is now but nonetheless, Chizzy is not her God and won’t stop her shine.

Crystal said in parts;

“You did this because you’re playing God but don’t worry. Your soup done today no mean say another person own no go done tomorrow. Nobody reigns forever. I just want to thank you for making me lose the job that I’m supposed to be in. All thanks to you Chizzy. Thank you so much for everything but you see me? You can do whatever but you cannot stop my shine because you’re not my creator. I just want to thank you for what you did and the ones you will still do in the front. All thanks to you Chizzy Alichi. You are not my God and you will never be”.

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