Actress Dorcas responds to Allegations of sleeping with her Bestie, Timini Egbuson

Timini Egbuson, known to be Nollywood’s ‘bad boy and of course, the lady’s man, happens to be ‘besties with Dorcas Shola Fapson and the public finds it unbelievable that the duo can maintain such a relationship with no strings attached.

Following several allegations that Dorcas and Timini could be sleeping with each other, under the guise of ‘Besties’, the actress decided to address the issue. 

She stressed the fact that a male and female can actually stay the best of friends, provided they both have self-control and for the accusers to think that way, that means they lack self-control. She said she often wondered if such thoughts would have crossed people’s minds if she and Timini hadn’t been good-looking.

“The fact that you guys can’t understand a man & woman being best friends without sleeping with each other just shows that you have NO self-control. I wonder if we would have this issue if we were both ugly”, Dorcas wrote.

She however implied that the friendship was somehow affecting her because guys tend to b scared to approach her, thinking that she and Timini have something going on.

“I hate that guys are scared to talk to me because of Timini”, Dorcas shared.

The actress cum DJ, Dorcas starred in the hit web series, MTV Shuga with Timini Egbuson, I guess that’s where the foundation of their friendship was laid. Miss DSF, as she brands herself, also hosted the popular YouTube talk show, ‘The juice’.

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