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Actress Doris Ogala Accuses Colleague, Benedict Johnson Of being a Betrayer

Nigerian Actress, Doris Ogala has called out her male colleague, Benedict Johnson over claims of betrayal.

Recall that back in 2021, Actress Uche Elendu called out her former bestie, Benedict Johnson, stating that she had an emulating bestieship with him until his girlfriend ruined everything after making false accusations against her and her so-called bestie could not take her side because he is a ‘woman wrapper’.

While Benedict fired back at Elendu, Doris Ogala had his back, and even went as far as alleging that Uche cooked her urine for him and also slept with his girlfriend.

In a recent development via her Instagram page, Doris Ogala alleged that Benedict deceived her then and she just realized he can kill following his latest action towards her.

Describing him as a snake, she revealed how it took her years to finally find out the truth which Uche Elendu forewarned her about.

“Ahhhh Benedict Johnson you can kill… @Ucheelendu it took me years to finally realize the truth. Ahh my friendship! Doris no de carry people matter for head ooo… Benedict Johnson You are a snake…” Doris wrote.

“Hmmm fear people ooo..hmm #friendenemy Nawa ooo… Benedict Johnson Kai you can kill and ask who killed…. Na wa oooo…I’m still in deep shock”.

Not stopping there, Doris Ogala dragged the actor for gossiping.

The Actress stated that if it’s the last thing she owes Uche Elendu, she need to expose his snitching ass and gossip mouth.

Doris claimed that Benedict gossip more than a woman and his full of envy.

“Coming Live soon… Benedict…. If it’s the last thing I owe Uche Elendu… I need to expose your snitching ass and gossip mouth… Man we gossip pass woman. Full of envy… If u can do it to me… Then you are evil. Because I’ve never ever then you are evil. Because I’ve never ever wronged you.. This is the 4th time. I keep 4giving you, but never again. The world need to know”.

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