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Actress Ireti Doyle’s Daughter caught in Scam scandal and Fraudulent Practices

Actress Ireti Doyle’s daughter, Kachi Ngozi Onyeluo’s actions has threatened to taint the actress’ good name as she has been caught carrying out several fraudulent activities under the guise of being a hair vendor.

The married mother of one, who is a hair vendor and self-claimed biggest wig manufacturer in Africa, allegedly makes a living defrauding retailers who buy from her for resell. 

Through her Kachi Hair ventures, which is situated somewhere off Opebi, Ikeja, Kachi would post on her business social media handle, affordable and beautifully made wigs for retailers, as well as offering mouthwatering deals to wholesalers. 

It is alleged that people make payments into the account but don’t get any delivery as promised. And while many have tried unsuccessfully to either retrieve their money or get the product they paid for, Kachi carries on like everything is normal, even announcing hair sales every quarter in different cities.

Earlier this year, during a sales tour across the country, precisely at Enugu, while her staff was carrying out sales at the Olive Gate Hotels and Suite at Independence Layout, Enugu, two of her workers were arrested by the police at the instance of a customer she defrauded. 

After that incident, Kachi resolved to pay her debts to avoid further embarrassment. She issued out 16 cheques totaling N12 million to customers who had paid for hair and had waited for close to two years with no delivery made. The money refunded was between N77, 000 and N6.5 million. 

However, not all who paid for hair were refunded as promised. She continued to go on sales tours around the country, ignoring requests for refunds on the comment sections of her page and even ended up blocking her comment section.

Her fraudulent actions grew in wide proportions so much that her mother had to be repeatedly called out to address one issue after the other. But Ireti obviously failed to address the issues.

At some point, aggrieved customers petitioned The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), but no arrest was made. The Director-General of the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Council (FCCPC), showed interest in the case, but not much was achieved, perhaps due to her mother’s influence. Even a certain popular media entrepreneur was said to have waded in to douse the tension caused by her actions, with Kachi promising to do the needful. But she didn’t and still owes many millions of naira. Instead, she continued to carry on without a care in the world, advertising and still urging women to pay for products that are never delivered.

News link: https://thewillnigeria.com/news/ireti-doyles-daughter-bent-on-tarnishing-mothers-legacy/

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