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Actress Lizzy Anjorin releases paternity test of a child after rumours the child belongs to her help

Actress Lizzy Anjorin has shut the mouth of her critics by releasing the paternity test of her child on Instagram after viral rumours that her help gave birth to the baby.

Anjorin and her hubby, Lawal tied the knot back in July 2020 at a private wedding ceremony attended by close friends and relatives. The couple welcomed their baby in May 2021 and dedicated their baby in 10 cities in the United States of America back in June.

However, there’s been circulating rumours that it was her help Ariyike that gave birth to the baby. To shun naysayers, Lizzy shared photos of her daughter’s paternity test and it revealed that she and her husband are the original parents of the little girl.

Here are some reactions to the result;

animasaunabisola: “Please I don’t understand all these grammar here. Why must everything be displayed on social media. Hmmm.” 

sotuminukeji: Like seriously, I don’t know why she posted it here on social media.” 

duchessola: “Kilotunde bayii o. Who is doubting small Alhaja’s paternity?”

biwills: “To prove what point exactly. to social media fans and in-laws that do not care.”

becky_glow_skincare: “I love this… no caption. People saying why post this are alabosi.” 

It would be recalled that Lizzy Anjorin had taken to her Instagram page to share the story behind the birth of her new baby. The new mother revealed that she and her husband had opted for surrogacy before they got married. A medical test, then, revealed that she had no eggs in her womb and she was encouraged to go for a scan. The result of the scan showed that she had a baby growing in her womb already.

Instead of being excited, the actress said she thought of ways to take out the baby as she was not ready to put her career and business on hold for nine months. Lizzy said she told her husband about taking out the baby and they went to see their doctor.

 According to her, the doctor put the procedure on hold till she was five months gone and then told her that it was too late to take out the baby. The actress said she was bent on taking out her baby and when her husband suspected her new moves, he abandoned his business to always stay with her. And that was how she carried the baby until its arrival.

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