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Actress Moyo Lawal denies having an affair with Married Northern Politician

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has refuted the demeaning allegation of herself, Destiny Etiko and Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah sleeping with a married Taraba politician, David Sabo.

Instagram blogger, Gistlovers had alleged that actresses Moyo Lawal, Destiny Etiko and Jackie Appiah are having an affair with the same Taraba politician, David Sabo. 

According to Gistlovers, David Sabo is known for his generosity to female celebrities who pay him back in kind so, lavishes generously on these women.

Gist Lovers blog wrote,

“Hello tueh tueh,it’s safe to call some of our Yeyebrities, Punabrities 

Politicians + Punabrities=9ja Do*m

There’s a politician in Abuja who goes by the name David Sabo,from Taraba thats bankrolling moyo yansh,the man Na cheerful spender,Moyo and group of friends dey do orgy with the man. Even destiny etiko sef dey chop the man too but Na Moyo and friends be main chopper, Baba get Destiny n*de ontop phone sef

Each time Moyo is visiting Abuja she gets 200k for flight coming then she’d be asked to do lab test for STD.

She no get choice she’ll always do it send the result before going down to Abuja. The man dey knack them raw no condom

Even aunty Jackie Appiah was on the mans list before she moved to another married man,hinks. The Rivers state man that bought her Maserati and took her to Maldives. He travels with her everywhere o and He is married with children.

So my Dear legit hard workers don’t let any body stress you on this gram, all of them dey get one baba for corner wey Dey to give them money and they give puna in exchange but they go about preaching hard work up and down.

Instagram the more you look the less you see, Even madam I have 1000 businesses, Na Aremo be her sponsor then before she moves to Otunba Cash, Aremo leave am dey face Toke and Tiwa, the two of them know say Aremo is for everyone and no one, This gist Na later. I come in peace”.

Reacting to these allegations, Moyo Lawal took to her Instagram page to clear the air about the rumoured affair. She maintained that she has turned down lots of requests for a romantic relationship on Instagram and she has been well behaved and chastised in certain circumstances. She also said that as much as she wants to clear her name, it should be noted that she is single and at liberty to do anything.

“Made way too many sacrifices to let this rubbish go in silence and said no to too many hawt toasters ask about me. Just so we are clear, I am single, hence at liberty to do anything I want but please let us STICK to the truth,” she wrote.

“I can beat my chest anywhere that I have been better behaved (and it has not been easy, I have had years where I abstained completely you think with that kind of self-control, I still won’t have sense??? ) than most regular girls and even some married women.”

“Love and Light #ML. p.s swipe. Soon I will tell you, people, why this started in the first place but first, I want to go and make my Eba first #moyobaby.”

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