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Actress Uche Ogbodo Opens Up About Secret Marriage To her second Baby daddy

Nollywood Actress,  Uche Ogbodo has to the shock of many, revealed that she secretly wedded her second baby daddy, Bobby Marris shortly before her baby was born.

Popular social blogger, Stella Dimoko Korkus approached the actress after she made a comment on an Instagram picture implying that she had married the father of her second child, asking that Uche Ogbodo confirms the news.

Ogbodo confirmed it was true while also stating that she chose to keep it a secret because she was enjoying all the controversies surrounding her relationship with Bobby Maris. She also went on to remind everyone that wanted to know that it is her life and she has the right to share whatever happens in it whenever she wanted to.

“Well, yes we are. Shortly before my baby was born. I just loved the whole groove and stir my relationship caused online, so I decided to keep it to myself.

Besides it’s my life, I can choose to share my news whenever I want”, Ogbodo responded. 

Before now, Ogbodo in an exclusive interview with Legit.ng, revealed their marriage plans, despite their huge age difference.

“We are a couple. Of course, there are chances of me and Bobby getting married soon. We have our little family, we are still together, we are happy. He is a great guy and everything is working well. If it becomes not so stressful for me and not so tough, of course, I will consider it. Marriage is a good thing. Everybody should be married, everybody deserves love, everybody deserves to have a partner who supports them and everyone deserves to be happy. So, yes, I will consider it,” she said.

She however explained that she is not scared of marriages but has only been one to criticize bad marriages and never the good ones.

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