Actress Uche Ogbodo Responds To Criticisms From Getting Pregnant Out Of Wedlock.

Nollywood Actress Uche Ogbodo has responded to fans and haters who criticized her for getting pregnant at age 34
out of wedlock.

The actress has been recently criticized and bashed for getting pregnant out of wedlock, despite having
a 6-year-old daughter from her very short-lived marriage.

She responded on her YouTube channel, telling her critics that she never planned to get pregnant but
that it has happened and being that she has a boyfriend who loves her, at 34, that she can’t abort her
baby because of what people will say and abortion is against her belief as a Catholic.

She further blamed the African culture for being unfair to women as many Women between ages 30-45
are crying, praying for a husband so that they could bear children in marriage and not outside marriage,
that not every lady has the kind of mind she has. Sher further went on to say that some will approach 45 without a husband, but
would rather wait for a husband that is not forthcoming than have a baby that will take care of them at
old age.

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