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Actress, Victoria Kolawole slams troll who shamed her physical appearance

Nollywood Actress, Victoria Kolawole shared a photo of herself enjoying her vacation in Accra. In the photo, she wore a matching striped top and down and styled her natural hair. 

She shared the picture with the caption, “No carry your perfect life come to my zone… Me I just wan dey my dey”, a rather indirect warning to people who would want to pry into her affairs.

Just while her fans and followers were gushing over the actress’s picture, a troll first showered her with compliments before going for her physical appearance. The troll claimed her beauty has been destroyed by her big eyes.

“You’re beautiful but your big eyes spoil your beauty”, the troll commented. 

In response, Victoria rained insults on the follower, describing him as stupid and averred that his life has been ruined by his stupidity. 

“You’re stupid and your stupidity don spoil your life”, Victoria attacked.

Her response, likewise the troll’s comment, generated a lot of reactions as seen below;

@gideonrobinson_photoqraphy wrote, “I don’t think people will ever stop minding their business.I guess we’ll have to live with a lot of nuisance in the society”

@ambaniboma wrote;”Every body the vex right now for this country no single joy ,just IMAGINE now na an eye for an eye”

@jerrbernard wrote;” Celebrities aren’t taking it lightly with anyone now. Always bringing AK47 to a water gun fight”

@donfadiga wrote; “If you don’t arm your mouth with venom as a celebrity in Nigeria all these trolls will make you depressed”

@abstragift wrote, “This are the kind of people making the government push for social media control. Must you…..just must you give a negative thought to someone. If we check the person accusing someone of big eyes now, probably not perfect or even worse”.

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