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Actresses Nkechi Blessing and Mary Njoku Drag Those Shaming BBNaija’s Angel Over Her Saggy Boobs

Angel, one of the BBNaija season six housemates, has been under the heat for flaunting her after she appeared without a bra on stage during the opening ceremony. 

The braless photo of the new housemate put her in the spotlight as her name has been trending negatively on social media. However, actresses Nkechi Blessing and Mary Njoku stepped out to fight for the housemate, as they both dragged those boobs shaming her.

Nkechi Blessing condemned the females especially, who decided to troll Angel’s body. She said she understands when men shame a woman for having fallen breasts but doesn’t get it when it’s women doing the shaming. She went on to share an animation with a caption stating that saggy boobs does not necessarily mean that a female is ok, has given birth, or has had too much sex, but is simply normal.

The actress addressed troll’s, stating that online criticisms can actually push one into depression, especially for people who can’t speak for themselves. She went on to share a braless photo of herself, advising women to rock their boobs proudly.

Nkechi wrote, “I understand if a man shames a woman for having fallen breast, But Aunty Even you? Common we can really do better than making a woman feel less of herself, unlike some oda people that can’t stand trolling and insults, they tend to fall into depression and harm themselves, But you see me? If dem born your father well come and abuse me on my page, I will send you back home..we need to be the change we seek, by spreading more love than hate…Love and light”.

On the other hand, Mary Njoku tackled the men who mocked Angel, stating if men’s private part were as glaring as the female boobs, then body-shaming wouldn’t be the order of the day. 

Mary wrote, “If the size of a man’s penis is a visible as the shape and size of a woman’s breast, the world would be a better place.  Stop body shaming women. Bros e don do na! Bres don fall, Bres don fall, so? Your mama own never fall? All bres go fall Las Las. Make we hear word Abeg!!”

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