ADC Presidential Hopeful Refuse Suspension Letter

Dumebi Kachikwu, the African Democratic Congress ADC presidential hopeful, refused a suspension letter sent by the party’s leaders.

Ralph Nwosu’s term as party chairman, in Mr. Kachikwu’s opinion, has ended, and as a result, he is no longer eligible for suspension from the organisation.

The presidential candidate claimed during a press conference in Abuja that all actions made by Mr. Nwosu since August 28 are unlawful, invalid, and illegal under the law in accordance with the party’s charter.

The suspension was announced in a statement by Bamidele Ajadi, the ADC’s Deputy National Chairman for Politics, following an urgent National Working Committee (NWC) meeting on Friday.

The NWC charged Kachikwu with anti-party activity, slander, and other serious offences.

Ajadi stated that the NWC had expressed deep concern at the meeting regarding what it claimed to be a baseless and defamatory video produced, released, and distributed by Kachikwu, which was meant to impugn the integrity and reputation of a peaceful and transformation-focused African Democratic Congress and its National Officers.

He said, “Dumebi’s speech in the video contravened the principles and values upon which ADC is founded and the specific provision of Article 16 of the ADC Constitution”.

In addition to the video, the NWC charged Kachikwu with a number of other defamatory acts against NWC members and with neglecting to lay out any strategy for the 2018 elections.

According to the NWC, these actions or inactions have compromised the party’s chances of winning the elections.

“His negative actions and/or inactions so far have put in jeopardy the fate and prospects of all our candidates contesting for various offices across the country,” it said.

“The committee of the whole house, in a very clear and unequivocal term, condemned the said video in its entirety and described it as a piece of badly crafted blackmail and mudslinging, and thereby unanimously recommended his immediate suspension from the party from today, Friday 2nd September 2022.”

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