Adesina Blast Opposition senator’s Security Ultimatum

The president has called the opposition senators’ bluff after they gave President Muhammadu Buhari a six-week deadline on Wednesday to address the nation’s security issues.

The presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, reacted to the development of Channels Television’s Politics Today. After the scene in the Upper Chamber, he said that the statesmen were only playing to the audience and that there was little they could do.

The legislators threatened to start impeachment proceedings against President Buhari earlier in the day after they staged a walkout from the Senate and demanded that he fix the security situation within a certain time.

“I think it was just bravado, and sadly, security is not something you subject to bravado.

“You don’t begin to issue flippant ultimatums in something that is a matter of life and death,” Adesina asserted.

He further said: “those who spoke today are the minority of minorities, they will have their say as is needful in a democracy, but it will not go beyond that.”

“They know in their heart that they cannot achieve what they are saying. They are just wasting the country’s time, wasting the time of the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly. They know that they cannot achieve it.

“The truth is that in this kind of scenario, a minority will always have its say while the majority will have its way,” Adesina maintained.

Adesina stated that if the Senators are upset at this time because some occurrences are now closer to them in Abuja, then there is nothing charitable about their behaviour, albeit agreeing that every Nigerian should be concerned about the country’s security condition.

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