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“Alex is not gay. They had sex after they reconciled” — Alex Ekubo’s sister spills

Alex Ekubo’s alleged sister, Ifeoma, dropped a bombshell on his ex-lover, Fancy 

Achulonu after she disclosed that she and Alex never got intimate during their five-year relationship. 

Fancy for the first time, spoke about why she ended her engagement to Alex. She said that the actor did not want to be with her intimately,  for the five years they were together, and it affected her self-esteem. She noted that despite keeping herself for him, he would cheat on her with curvy women and would still not perform on them. 

In a recent development, Ifeoma granted an audio interview with Obodo Oyibo where she spoke out in defense of her brother, Alex Ekubo.

Ifeoma countered Fancy’s claim. She said her family has been silent about the issue but she is now out to set the record straight.

During the interview, Ifeoma maintained that Fancy was lying about their celibacy, with claims that  Alexx and Acholonu had been sleeping with each other until December 24, and she knows this because Alex told her about their sexual escapades following their reconciliation.

“In fact, even the first time, when they broke up. When Fancy went to break up with the engagement. When they made up again, they slept again,” she said.

“Even when that thing (break up) happened that first time that Fancy went to Alexx, we told Alexx that don’t try to sleep with this girl before you get her pregnant if you know you are not ready.

“They have been sleeping together for God knows how long. They have been sleeping together until December 24.”

Ifeoma stated that she didn’t understand why Fancy made such a suggestive remark, causing people to question her brother’s sexuality.

She further insisted that Alex is not gay because the genes for being gay doesn’t run in their family, and no one had ever been gay in their bloodline. She also enjoined the public to desist from tagging him as one.

“Alex is not gay, it doesn’t run in the family. Honestly, the family didn’t want us to talk, but this is really getting out of hand,” she said.

“This is called defamation of image.”

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