Alki David Set To Face Legal Charges For Displaying Whitney’s Hologram Without Her Estate Consent.

We ones reported that Whitney Houston’s hologram which was meant to be used on the voice USA live show in 2016 but was banned, as her families and estate never approved of it, saying it didn’t represent who Whitney was.

We also told you, the improved version of the hologram was leaked weeks ago, as Christina Aguilera was seen performing alongside Whitney’s hologram, which her estate shut down the show immediately, saying they were not informed and they never gave the approval for the show as they had no idea about it.

Well, Alki David who designed the hologram has come out to say he wasn’t done with the design and it was not meant to be made public yet till the finished work was ready. And he didn’t approve the release of Whitney’s hologram. He also stated that he was only allowed to use the hologram on Scott Storch’s variety show.

According to TMZ sources, it turns out that, Whitney’s estate said David was wrong, and according to their legal documents to David, a judgment signed in July 2018 terminated the license agreement contract David and Whitney’s estate had back in 2015, insisting that David had no legal standing to go ahead in re-branding the hologram.

Well, Alki David might be facing a major lawsuit if Whitney’s Estate press for violation of the order.

Whatever the case may be, we will definitely get back to you in detail if they are pressing charges or not.

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