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All I Wish For As A Gift Is For My Brother’s Death To Be Avenged, Says Khafi As He Marks Her 31st Birthday.

We reported yesterday November 2nd that the reality star took to share a post on her social media telling her husband Gedoni that she wanted to spend her birthday in London with her family, which he did made happen.


The Ex-big brother reality star Khafi Kareem marks her 31st birthday today November 3rd and all she needs as a birthday gift is for brother’s death to be avenged and his murderers are put behind bars. You’ll recall that her brother was shot dead on his way back home in London, and his shooters are yet to be apprehended. 

Khafi shared a photo of herself and her brother on her back, with the write-up, urging everyone that wants to post her picture and wish her a happy birthday to post the one with her brother on her back. Not just that, she also states that she wanted it to be a trend as it’s been 5 months since her brother Alexandra was who is just 20 years old was murdered in London and no one is yet to be convicted for the crime. In her words;

“Today is my birthday Woop Woop!! I am truly grateful to see another year in my life and can only thank God! I celebrate being alive and I celebrate that God has kept me. Thank God with me oooo!! But I would be lying if I said there wasn’t hurt and a tinge of sadness on this day knowing my brother Alex isn’t here to celebrate with me ❤️ My birthday wish is for his killers to be found and brought to book. 5 months on and no one has been charged or convicted with his murder. So if you would like a picture to post, please post this. Let’s flood social media with my brother’s face and let the world know justice still needs to be served. I know it will be ??. In the meanwhile thank you for the birthday wishes, here is to another year! I will live bigger, better, and greater this year by God’s grace. I love you all!!! #KhafinatedNovember #BirthdayGirl ?”


Happy birthday to you Khafi Kareem, Our heart goes out to you and your family, we pray and wish your brother’s death will be avenged soon.

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