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American Actor Nicholas Braun Sets To Spend Forever With Kim Kardashian.

American actor Nicholas Braun has come out to profess his love for Kim Kardashian after confirmation of she and her husband Kanye West officially filed for a divorce.

You recall that the news of the reality star and the rapper has been going back and forth with their divorce process and finally came to a conclusion and agreement.

The 32 years old actor took to his Instagram page to share a lengthy video of him shooting his shot towards the reality star.

Tagging Kim Kardashian in the caption of the video, he explained to Kim that “it’s about meeting new people.”

According to him in the video, he said:

“This Kim and Kanye divorce news are just bumming me out. God damn, It hurts to think about how they’re feeling and how she’s feeling.”

“I mean, I’m wondering at this point, where do they even go from here? Where does she go… at this moment? ‘Cause she’s been through three marriages now, and it’s like, are you willing to even take a shot on a new guy at this point? Would you be down to meet a new person, totally just kind of different guy? One who could, you know, make you laugh a little bit or make you feel small cause he’s so tall.”

“Or, you know, just a guy who’s reaching out, talking about her on the internet. A guy who makes a video like this, and he’s just sort of, like, trying to find a way to talk to her because he doesn’t know anybody who knows her. So, he’s just sort of making a video that might possibly penetrate her — not the right word choice — but enter her sphere. And she might see him and go, ‘Hmm, this is kind of different. You know, this guy is odd but maybe in a good way.’ And he goes to himself, ‘Yeah, you’re right. There’s something real here, and there’s something good. There’s a deep understanding between these two souls.’ “

Watch video below:

Though Kim is yet to respond to Braun’s best friends, they have shown their support as they all advised him to give Kim sometime.

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