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American Gabriella Union Reveals Her Husband Hates Her Sex Scene Roles In Movies.

American actress Gabriella union today, January 21, while having an interview on the Renaissance Man podcast, revealed that her husband Dwyane Wade does not enjoy her sex scenes in movies. He often asks for a warning from her before such scenes come up on tv.

The actress also says that her husband sometimes sees her acting such scenes because she forgot to warn him.

She said;

“He’ll ask before each episode: ‘Are you naked in this one?’ Sometimes I forget because we shot this stuff a year ago. And we’ll sit there with the whole family, popcorn, and he’s like …”

While addressing the case of her stripping onscreen in most movies, considering her 2-year-old daughter Kaavia, and wade’s children, Zaire, 18years old, Zaya, 13 years old, and Xavier, who is seven years old, who would grow up as an adult and see such scenes.

She stated that;

She said: “The older boys were like, ‘I am getting murdered at school,’ like with the sex scenes and all that.”

She finally stated that she’d keep acting such scenes for as long as she is comfortable that “Everyone will just adjust.”

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