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American Rapper Azealia Banks Finally Reacts To Being Called Out For Eating Her Dead Cat.

American rapper Azealia Banks has responded to those calling her out for cooking her dead cat after burring it.

Azealia last week lost her cat, which she buried after confirmed dead. The rapper later filmed herself digging up the cat from the grave and cooking it with herbs.

Banks was called out on social media for cooking her dead cat, which she kept quiet about it for a while.

Well, banks have finally responded to her fans for calling her out for cooking her dead cat, which she had earlier buried. 

She stated that all animals need to be eaten all the time and that people wear animal fur yet want to act all righteous and call her out because she cooked an already dead cat.

She went on to say that the same people calling her out for cooking a dead cat are still the ones who are champions for abortion and see nothing wrong with killing a fetus.

Read her response below.

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