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American Rapper Lil Uzi Vert Invest $24 Million (N9billion) To Embed Pink Diamond Into His Forehead.

American rapper Lil uzi finally achieve his dream of implanting a natural diamond on his forehead. The rapper had earlier announced some time last week that he spent the past four years of his career-saving and paying for a $24million natural pink diamond to be implanted in his forehead.

Lil uzi further revealed that his cars and mansion flits are not worth buying the diamond, stating the diamond the pink diamond was worth $24 million and was between 10-11 carats.

He said;

“I’ve been paying for a natural pink diamond from Elliot for years now,” in reference to celebrity jeweler Eliott Eliantte.

“This one Stone cost so much I’ve been paying for it since 2017. That was the first time I saw a real natural pink diamond. A lot of M’s in my face.”

“Yes, my Bugatti can’t even pay for it … all my cars together, plus home, this took so long now I can get this money,’ he said.

“If I don’t get it took out the right way, I could die …..,” he captioned a selfie, which showed blood leaking from the natural pink diamond. “No, seriously.”

They shared a video of him showing off the diamond on his forehead, his ear, and wrist. He wrote, “beauty is pain.”

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