American Rapper Safaree, Condemns Nudity Amongst Women, Vow To Train His Daughter Better.

American rapper Safaree, has reacted to most women going naked on social media and seeing it as a norm in society.

The rapper complaining about women and nudity stated that he would ensure his daughter doesn’t grow up to be like the women seeing nudity as a norm.

Meanwhile, Safaree ones dated American rapper Nicki Minaj, which, as we all know, most of her outfits, from her music videos to regular outings, are always revealing.

Safaree, who is now married to Erica Mena, stated that, back in the days, it was the men that usually visualized women being naked. Still, in recent times, we see photos of naked women everywhere. 

He tweeted:

“New millennium is crazy now. Back in the day, you had to close your eyes and imagine what a girl you liked looked like naked. Now almost every girl is naked, just cuz. I gotta make sure my daughter is different! She needs me.”

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