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American Singer Summer Walker Splits From her Lover amid her pregnancy

American Singer, Summer Walker has announced that she and boyfriend LVRD Pharoh, whose name is tattooed on her face are no longer together, just months after revealing they’re expecting a child together.

Sleuthing fans took note of the Larry’s sudden absence from her social media pages and were quick to ask her about it in the comments. “Where is Larry?” one user inquired. “Outside with the men,”Summer clapped back. “Where yo man?”

Hours after in an Instagram post, Summer queried why people always wanted updates on her life. She also went on to announce that she and Larry have gone their separate ways.

Leaving out reasons for the separation, Summer admitted that “Larry is an amazing father there are just certain things I won’t tolerate”.

“People been trying to be in my business bad lately, idk why y’all need updates on my life lol like go touch grass but I’ve decided to be single,” she wrote on her Instagram Stories. 

“It’s no hard feelings, Larry is an amazing father there’s just certain things I won’t tolerate, but we’re super duper happy to have all our children & we just living life. he be at every swim class every photoshoot every dr appointment and every baby event.”

Addressing the face tattoo she has of Larry’s name, which she unveiled in November 2021, Walker said, “& no I ain’t removing my face Tatt I still have hella love for him.”

Larry has not only been a father figure to Walker’s child with London, 1-year-old Bubbles, but is currently expecting his own child with Summer. Unfortunately, their romantic relationship has come to an end prior to the birth of their baby.

In a follow-up message, Summer threw a whole lotta shade at married women in the industry, claiming there are several famous ladies who are “dogged out” regularly but stay in their relationships simply to maintain status and image.

“Also I don’t have to name any names b/c you see it everyday in the media, all these celebrity women who are n “marriages” or in long term relationships with children be getting dogged out every week,” she wrote. “Every month they complaining about how they getting cheated on, beat on, children being had on them, they lonely etc. but they rather stay for the IMAGE just to say they have a man or a ring or just to keep receiving apology birkins & cars. The only difference between me, them, & the rest of y’all is I prefer my peace n happiness so I walk away.”

She continued, “Relax with all that wow she’s still not married. I could’ve been married to either of my child’s fathers, it’s just certain things I won’t tolerate but NOTHING was a mistake I wanted all my children by the age of 25 on PURPOSE & did that. they’re perfect, beautiful & make me happier than I could ever be. But 95% of y’all in the same predicament or worse so save it.”

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