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Angry Music Promoters Deflate Buju’s Benz Tyres For Failing To Show Up For A Concert

Singer Buju recently experienced the heat of angry music promoters after he attended an event a day later than scheduled. 

According to reports making the rounds on social media, Buju was billed to perform at a show in Lagos on December 26. He was also expected to arrive at the venue at 7 pm on the chosen date. But Buju attended the paid gig at 4 am on December 27. 

The promoters became upset and demanded a refund, which he refused and this led to a scuffle, promoting the promoters to deflate the Singer’s car tyres.

In an eyewitness video posted by Gossipmilltv, it was gathered that the singer’s four-car tyres were deflated by the show promoters to prevent Buju from leaving. 

Meanwhile, here’s how Netizens are reacting;

Ezprince1010: “I don’t know why these artists can’t just keep to time. Funny is, they don’t do these when abroad.” 

Jaychukz: “Artist should learn to keep to time tho.” 

Crownthecook_: “What do you expect from someone who sang you never see me outside so you want to see him outside?” 

Kenneth_xaint: “Shey you no know say buju dey para ni .” 

Jackiemullah: “You show up 4am after fans don go house? and you no go refund? Ehhhh thank God say I no be show promoter sha .” 

Emerie___: “Deliver the service you were paid for, no hassle, refund their money if you don’t have a reasonable excuse.” 

999666888o: “Make them no kee our buju for us o. But how them go pay you to show up for 26th and you come for 27th ♂️ .” 

Temmy_yrn5: “Nigerians artist needs to stop this madness of coming late. Tems too wey no get pass 2 hits sef come late yesterday.” 

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