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Anita Okoye demands N7.8m monthly as Spousal support from Paul Okoye

Anita Okoye, the wife of popular singer, Paul Okoye a.k.a Rudeboy of the defunct music group, Psquare recently petitioned to divorce her husband and is now demanding N7.8m monthly as spousal support.

Anita’s petition demands that Paul be responsible for the general welfare of their three kids in the United States of America. He has also been demanded to pay $15,000 (N7.8M) monthly as spousal support.

The petition she filed before an Abuja High Court reads, “Payment of a monthly maintenance sum of $15,000.00 (US Dollars) for the general welfare, education and health of the three children of the union who are presently in schools in the United States of America until they are of age”.

Anita and Paul were university sweethearts until they got married in 2014. They welcomed their first son, Andre, the previous year and in 2017, they welcomed a set of twins, Nadia and Nathan. In April last year, Anita relocated with their three children to the United States of America, for reasons best known to the couple.

However, an Instagram blogger, Gistlovers recently made a shocking revelation of the real reasons behind the now estranged couple’s split. Gistlovers alleged that Paul is guilty of infidelity, “sleeping with anything under the skirt, even the house help”. The blogger alleged that Paul goes as far as bringing women to their matrimonial bed and has been caught on several occasions.

Rudeboy, however, promised to turn a new leaf but he never did until his wife got tired, at some point it progressed into domestic violence and Anita couldn’t take it anymore so she relocated to the U.S with their kids.

However, things were going well with the now estranged couple until Anita traveled and met a certain white man with whom she got entangled. Anita also alleged that while she was married to Paul, he never did anything tangible for her, always claiming that he didn’t have sufficient funds. 

Gistlovers said Paul found out about the alleged entanglement between Anita and the said Whiteman and he blew the whole thing out of proportion, despite being guilty of the same offence. In other words, Paul couldn’t handle the taste of his own medicine.

The news of the couple’s impending divorce comes as a rude shock to both of their families, close friends, fans and the public at large. However, Sources close to the couple disclosed that both parties will proceed amicably with the legal resolution of the marriage and be the best parents to their children.

“Paul and Anita have always been very good friends and like every couple, they have had issues for a while but plan to remain on good terms and keep the friendship they have always had since their days as university students,” the source said.


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