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Annie Idibia fires back at 2baba’s brother, Charles Idibia

Annie Idibia has refused to back down after the singer’s younger brother, Charles, called her evil on social media.

Annie staged a comeback after Charles accused her of causing disunity in the Idibia family. She called Charles Lazy, alleging that they all want to run Tuface dry because of his success. She also revealed that Charles still lives under her roof.

She said: “Maybe you all don’t know your brother (2face) is tired! Everyone trying to suck him dry! Cos you have a successful brother na that wan make u lazy! Sad! Living under my roof n coming here to insult me n my mother !!! He has 7 kids! Yet u all want to suck him dry! If trying to protect my husband n the lives of kids makes me evil! SO BE IT! I am evil them !”

Charles also refused to hold back. He denied Annie’s claims, maintaining that he never lived with his elder brother. Charles said he could not even spend two hours in the singer’s house because of Annie’s mother. According to him, he only visited sometimes because of the children.

Charles responded on Instagram,  ”Living under which roof? Now you have totally gone mad. Your house that I, your husband’s, only relative in Lagos can’t spend two hours visiting without your mum acting like the world is coming to an end. Just so you know I visit because of the kids. I visit sometimes cause you both are a boring bunch.

Continue with your lies and gather your sympathy party online. The truth won’t hide forever. Respect? That went out of the window a long time ago. God knows I have been nothing but respectful.

Don’t talk, keep your family affair off social media. Is it until he is dead? This is not me at all but I’m ready to be this person if it’s going to help Inno’s life. The peaceful nature way has clearly failed over the years. Let us try this one. I am going to keep mute for now out of respect for some people, but the truth will surely come out this time around.

Your juju and drugs are finally catching up with you. These things never end well. Even your family has disowned you, that’s how terrible you are. All the public sympathy and lies won’t save you. Your mum who didn’t last one year in your dad’s house can live in your matrimonial home since you got married to be doing juju, but juju never ends well. The truth never expires.”

Here’s how Netizens are reacting to the ongoing Saga:

Boss_nenesly: “Okay, Annie is funny, your mum is living with him, and his siblings can’t live with him?? It’s called ducking him dry??? Just 1 sibling???” 

Iamstanlouis: “If una kill 2Face eh with all these. We no go forgive una oo. I swear to God you people shouldn’t kill Our Legend for us. ‍♂️”

 Misshils0011: “Fxck money and fame, I would never marry a man with children from other women, and I will also never marry a man whose family members don’t rate me. Imagine seeing drama and putting yourself in it.”

 The_realfatfact: “I so much respect those celebrities who go through issues and the issues don’t make it online . No family, marriage or home without issues , but so many people have tried to hold theirs without it coming out . 2baba is a well respected man in the industry and society and it’s so unfortunate that this is happening in his home. It’s really sad.” 

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