Any Igbo Politician Working against Obi  have Denied Themselves – Wachuku

Chief Chuku Wachuku, a former director general of the National Directorate of Employment (NDE) and senatorial candidate for the Young Progressives Party (YPP) in Abia Central, has stated that it will be difficult for any Igbo politician to work against the interests of the Labour Party’s Peter Obi in 2023.

Chief Wachuku, who made the statement while speaking to reporters in his Mbawsi country residence, pointed out that the national demand for Obi is based on his competency and credibility, which nobody could wish away.

Although he belonged to a different political party, he claimed that to ignore Obi’s rising popularity would be to live in self-denial.

” I feel sorry for any Igbo politician working against Obi; they have denied themselves. Nigeria is clamouring for a change, and if that change comes from an Igbo man, so be it. If the rest of Nigeria supports him, why will we work against him?

” Not only is he competent and able, but he is also the man of the moment. You can’t deny that. So, any Igbo working against him is childish. Who are you trying to please if you work against your own? Do you want to deny yourself to please others? I won’t do that!

” It will be difficult not to be ‘obedient’ in Igbo land! The entire South East is obedient. It will be difficult to go against the Obi factor. It will be stupid to deny who we are.”

The YPP senatorial candidate, however, said that “the Senate is not for local champions but for experienced persons who can make laws that would navigate Nigeria out of the woods.

He, therefore, argued that “incompetent and visionless candidates should stop hiding under Obi’s umbrella/posters” to seek votes but present their personal scorecards to convince the people.

The former NDE leader disapproved of the provision of tricycles to young people as tools for empowerment despite asserting his capacity to provide his constituency with competent representation in the higher parliamentary house.

” Giving KEKE (tricycle) to people is not empowerment. Empowerment is something that creates jobs and adds economic value to families. It’s all about wealth creation, good and sustainable jobs, not distribution of rice and wrappers.”

He added that anyone without a clear plan for reviving Nigeria’s faltering economy shouldn’t be elected into office and that the private sector must push empowerment.

” I will sponsor Bills that will give rise to economic policies that will create wealth for the nation. I will put at least 500 people in agro-industrial clusters per local government area and 250 people per ward. I will equally create one mega private-sector driven industry per LGA.

“Empowerment must rest on Small and Medium Enterprises and the informal sector. Some of these people canvassing for votes don’t know all these because if they do, they will not be giving youths Keke as empowerment”.

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