APC Canada Chapter to Deal with Persons Disparaging Tinubu’s Reputation

The Canadian Chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said it is ready to counter any false claims directed at the party or its presidential candidate, Sen. Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This was communicated in a statement by the chapter’s Chairman, Mr Omololu Apata, on Tuesday in Akure.

Omololu stated that the APC, Canada chapter would deal with concerns of disparaging the reputation of the APC’s presidential candidate in addition to financially and materially supporting the party.

He said, “There’s so much at stake in the forthcoming elections. It is not surprising, therefore, that in desperation, some people have turned to social media as the harbinger of slander and blackmail.

“A committee will be set up to counter any lies or misinformation toward our principal candidate with facts that will invalidate their tissue of lies.” 

In order to ensure the APC candidate’s win, he stated, the party would take advantage of the technology’s potential.

“We know our candidate is keen on using technology as a vehicle for economic and social transformation of society.

“We are very hopeful that he will be able to join us for this very important presentation,” he stated.

Speaking further, Omololu praised the party’s supporters in Canada for their perseverance and dedication over the years.

He noted that it is time to come together to support the party and its presidential candidate, who has what it takes to take Nigeria to where it truly belongs in the comity of nations.

“Luckily, our chapter can boast diverse but dedicated members who are also very resourceful.

“After the 2023 elections and with our principal as the president, APC Canada hopes to play a significant role in deepening the existing bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Canada.

“Canada is a world powerhouse economically. It is a country to which nature has been so kind and generous.

“Canadians have also utilised those natural resources to an enviable global success,” he stated.

Omololu claimed that there was plenty that both nations could share in important economic sectors like agriculture, extractive industries, technology, and engineering.

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