APC Seeks Grassroot Opinion on Constitutional Review

The ruling All Progressives Congress, APC Constitution Review Committee has called on party faithful to share reasonable ideas which will enable the party to have a working document for the benefit of all her members across the country.

The call was made by Professor Mammam Tahir, Chairman of the Committee on friday in a meeting with party chieftains and members during the APC Southwest Stakeholders’ meeting,  in Ogun state.

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The chairman stressed that the national leadership of the APC have seen the need to review the party’s constitution so as to input the dynamism and needs of all generations and all periods not leaving out the inputs of the grassroot members..

Tahir said he is confident that the new party’s constitution will serve as a model,  for other political parties in the country after its review.

He also noted that the new constitution will depict the desires of every member of APC in order to improve the 2013/2014 written constitution. 

 According to him,“Since year 2013/2014 when the present party onstitution came into being, lots of issues, some gaps have emerged, and also some practices have come onboard since the inauguration of the Caretaker Committee which the constitution will want to incorporate into the document.

“We all know that the constitution is a working document, but we cannot make a constitution that will cover all generations and all periods. We also know the other side that however beautiful a constitution can be, if the operator does not live within the spirit of the constitution, there will be serious problems and this is a serious gap in lawmaking and law implementation in Nigeria.

“This committee thought it wise that there is no way we can craft a political document in Abuja without seeking the input of the grassroots. Therefore, if APC is a progressive party, it has to focus on the people in such a way that will make them have a way of making inputs; saying something about their party.

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“New provisions need to be added and some has to be taken out. If you look at the APC Constitution, there are things that needed not be there at the moment. This is an extremely important exercise and we are happy that this zone has taken it with a level of seriousness”. Mammam stated.

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