Apostle Chibuzor Transfers the gifts to the girls who traveled down to see Aguba

The general overseer of Omega power ministries, Apostle Chibuzor Chinyere has decided to transfer all the benefits he had earlier promised Aguba to the two beautiful girls who showed up at the church residence with the intention of marrying Aguba.

One Annastasia Michael and another lady identified as Ella Ada declared their love interest for the actor after he was promised a wife. Just like Anastasia, Ella has also made numerous posts about the actor on her Facebook page. She recently claimed that her great grandfather is from Israel after the actor made known his interest in marrying an Israeli lady.

Just like Anastasia, she wore a customized shirt with a picture of Kenneth Aguba as she traveled down to Port Harcourt to search for the actor. However, she also revealed that her search was unsuccessful and would continue her search at the estate.

The apostle who had already threatened to send Aguba back to his hometown over his incessant demands has declared that any man who decides to marry the girls will have a fully sponsored wedding and their honeymoon will be in Dubai.

In his words,

“I am not in Nigeria.

I have been monitoring events happening and I have refused to comment.

Now I am saying something. As Aguba has refused to marry any girl from Nigeria, I am hereby transferring the gifts to the girls.

Any man that marries both of them, I will support their wedding and also send them and their husbands on honeymoon in Dubai.

But weddings must take place in Port Harcourt and the marriage committee will follow them to their villages to confirm if the wedding is real or a scam.

After the wedding, each one of them I’ll be given a large sum of money o start a business.

I have informed authorities that they are to stay clear from OPM free estate. No more causing nuisance in OPM estate.”

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