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“Arrest Joeboy Now!” – Nigerians Calls For The Arrest Of Joeboy Over His ‘Alcohol’ Challenge

Over the past few days, the Alchohol challenge has been trending on Tik Tok with people pouring different kinds of substances on their bodies. A trend that wasn’t started out by Joeboy but simply stemmed out of his lyrics, That’s why I sip my alcohol. I don’t want to reason bad things no more. I don’t want to go back to where I dey before…”

Vibing to the lyrics of the song, tiktokers pour different substances on their body, and even drink same substance, while videoing themselves. 

The negativity from the Tiktok challenge was getting out of hand, which forced Joeboy to release a statement on Twitter. He said he appreciates the love ‘Alcohol’is getting but they should stop using those harmful substances on their bodies. He begged them not to use substances like Antiseptic, Bleach, Alchohol, Soup, Palm oil while vibing to his song.

Not long after Joeboy’s statement, a lady drank from a Dettol bottle, under the guise of vibing to the alcohol challenge. Apparently, the girl jumped on the trend and instead of using Alcohol like her mates, she drank Dettol and poured some all over her body.

Few hours later, a video of the girl convulsing and foaming on her month hit the internet. No one knows if she survived or not.

Reacting to this, a Twitter user identified as Smada stated on Twitter that JoeBoy should be arrested because all these are as a result of his song, ‘Alcohol’ and the challenge on Tiktok.

One thought on ““Arrest Joeboy Now!” – Nigerians Calls For The Arrest Of Joeboy Over His ‘Alcohol’ Challenge

  • Precious

    Why would he be arrested he only says sip alcohol and his not even drinking it so those people pouring substances like dettol and antiseptic materials on their body! Are they not matured enough or his he forcing anybody? So I don’t see any reasons he should be arrested oo.



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