Atiku is well-equipped to Rescue Nigeria from its Present Predicament – Okowa

Sen. (Dr.) Ifeanyi Okowa, the vice-presidential candidate for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has stated that the party’s platform, which is still supported by Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, remains the country’s best chance for recovery.

Okowa, the governor of Delta, said this on Wednesday in Abuja at the opening of the PDP Presidential Campaign Council.

He argued that Atiku was well-equipped to rescue Nigeria from its present predicament and tasked other presidential contenders with outlining their plans for the country so that Nigerians may judge them.

He commended the PDP flag-bearer for creating a blueprint for the nation and said that it showed that he was ready to save it.

Okowa asked Nigerians to support the PDP’s rescue effort, claiming that Atiku possessed the expertise and political will necessary to turn things around for the country.

“We cannot allow people who are not experienced enough to man the affairs of this country at this critical time. 

“I am proud to be one man who is ready to work with a strong belief in Nigeria, a bridge-builder and a man who is ready to take Nigeria from the depth of where we have found ourselves to the proper place that we ought to be as a nation. 

“I thank God because Atiku believes in the restructuring of this nation, and with him, our country will develop faster when the states control more resources. 

“Thank God we have a man who already has his policy document ‘My Covenant With Nigerians’, and I challenge other candidates to show to Nigerians what they want to do for the nation. 

“I believe that Nigerians are lucky at this moment to have a man who is ready to take us out of where we are now as a nation. 

“It is not enough to appear on television to say one thing or the other; it is not enough to be on the social media; they must present to Nigerians what they want to do so that they can be judged going into the future,” he said.  

He continued by saying that Nigeria was “extremely sick” and required a party that could “cure” it, noting that the PDP was the only one actively campaigning in every geopolitical region of the nation.

He asked party officials to be sincere and demonstrate greater dedication by returning home to work for the party’s electoral success.

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