Atiku-Okowa Campaign Organization Criticises Buhari-Led Government 

The Atiku-Okowa Presidential Campaign Organization has attributed the deteriorating value of the naira and the worrisome security situation in the nation to the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Dele Momodu, the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) director of strategic communication, said yesterday at a media briefing in Abuja that the current administration had demonstrated egregious incompetence in managing the economy and that this was why the naira was currently losing value against other currencies, particularly the US dollar.

In addition, Momodu pointed out that despite the Federal Government’s protestations, Nigeria’s security situation remained terrible.

He said: “Our candidate is deeply concerned by the cost of living crisis, which is daily worsened by the hyperinflation inflated on Nigerians by the ineptitude of the APC administration.

“We are, however, assuring Nigerians that help is on the way, as the policies enunciated with the policy document: ‘Our Covenant with Nigerians’, will not only bring Nigeria out of poverty but also herald an era of prosperity and sustainable development in a PDP government, come 2023.

“The Economy and the ‘Kitchen Table Issues’, as the Americans will say, remain a focal point of the PDP Recovery Agenda.”

Speaking on security, Momodu said:  “The PDP and our presidential flagbearers are worried by the unabating insecurity in the country.

“The recent security alert by some foreign Embassies and Missions in Nigeria, though dismissed as unwarranted by the government, is just a reminder of the perilous time we are currently in.

“We call on security agencies to be at the top of their game to ensure that none of the scary scenarios painted by the security alert come to pass while we caution Nigerians to remain vigilant.”

He asserts that the proposed redesign of the nation’s currency is the primary cause of the naira’s decline.

“The declaration by the Central Bank of Nigeria last week that it was going to redesign some denominations in the naira as expectedly generated varied reactions from Nigerians.“

Speaking on Atiku’s recent engagement in the United States, Momudu said:  “Our principal was in the United States of America where he held council meetings with officials of the U.S. Department of State.

“The visit strengthened bilateral partnership with the U.S. on the economy, poverty reduction and the fight against insecurity.

“The Director noted that in 2014, Nigerians were tired of the PDP and wanted to try something new but noted that now, they had seen the difference and would wish the PDP to return.

In a related development, Charles Aniagwu, a campaign spokesperson, said that while talks with the five disgruntled governors were ongoing, the campaign train had already left the station.

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