Bakare Joins Presidential Race

Ahead of the 2023 presidential elections, a presidential aspirant, Pastor Tunde Bakare, has said he will include youths in his government.

He stated this, Monday in Abuja while declaring for the number one seat, days after he purchased the All Progressives Congress (APC) form 

“The youth of Nigeria will no longer be left out of leadership in Nigeria: My cabinet will be one of the most intergenerational in Nigeria’s history, and my administration will also vitalise the ‘Not Too Young To Run Act’ by instituting a Presidential Young Leaders’ Programme (PYLP) that will attract, train, mentor, appoint, and back young Nigerian men and women to run for office,” he said during the event.

Bakare stated that his purpose in joining the race is “to realise a new Nigeria for every Nigerian in my lifetime”. ‘Let There Be Light!’

The cleric revealed that his campaign agenda is on peace, progress, prosperity, and possibilities. He added that he would revitalise the power sector if he emerged as president.

“Still, on our infrastructure delivery agenda, we would execute a decentralised, private-sector driven electricity reform agenda that would see the generation of up to 100 000 megawatts of on-grid and off-grid electricity by 2030 as part of the Nigeria Geo-Economic Development Plan (N-GDP),” Bakare said.

He stressed that this would be achieved through “broadening the national energy mix; harnessing geo-economic comparative advantages in energy generation including solar, hydro, nuclear, thermal, natural gas, biomass, wind, and other energy resources to attract competent investors within and outside the country”.

The presidential aspirant lamented that several parts of the world had gone ahead of Nigeria in generating and distributing power but believes the situation can be handled.

“There must be, at the very least, light in Nigeria. That was the first order of creation,” the preacher added.

“In Nigeria, there would be light,” Bakare maintained.

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