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BbNaija Reality Star Tacha Reveals Why She Does Not Do Giver Aways Like Other Celebrities.

Big brother Naija reality star, Tacha took to her social media platform to tell her fans not to expect giveaway from as most celebrities doing giveaways didn’t make their money the way she did.

The reality star, who cant keep up with the constant request from some of her fans, tweeted:

“People have different flows of income, the same way people have different ways of spending their money! Don’t expect me “giving and giving” because others “give give” those “others” don’t make money the way I make it. They are not me, and I am not them!”

She further went on to say that you spend your money the way you want because it is your money. She tweeted:

No disrespect to whoever out there irrespective of how you make your money! your money is your money “SPEND IT YOUR WAY”.

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